6 Credit Cards That Your Credit Card Processor Should Accept

As the number of credit card users sees an unprecedented growth, credit card fraud has increased too. It is easy to commit and criminals do not have to be very experienced or professional to execute it. However, it will put you through much unnecessary trouble.

Funding Time: Every company requires time to transfer funds to you. Some take shorter, some longer. Check with the various merchant account processing providers how long they’ll take to transfer the funds to your account and get it down on paper. Getting the money into your account is one of the most important things for you and your business and you don’t want to be left in lurch, waiting for the money to come in.

Do not reveal your PINs/passwords to anyone. Ensure that they are difficult for anyone to guess. Store them at a place different from your credit card. If you were to lose your wallet which contains both your PINs/passwords and your card, you would have made it easier for the one who finds your wallet to max out your credit card or make cash advances.

Bad spelling, punctuation or grammar – there’s no excuse for typos, bad spelling or bad grammar. Always get your web site proof read by an independent party. If you do find an error, fix it promptly.

Investing too much in electronic order taking systems – if you expect to receive less than 10 orders per day from your web site, it’s probably far easier to use a simple order form and manual Clover Flex using your EFTPOS machine than building real-time electronic payment processing systems. For low to medium volumes, another option is the range of merchant tools from PayPal. It takes about 5 minutes to insert a Buy Now button on your web page that allows customers to pay immediately by credit card.

Merchant account fees can vary widely. One of the initial tactics some will use will be to encourage you to use their services with low upfront cost. Little do you know until you read the fine print that you are going to be charged a hefty percentage for each payment that is processed. When selling expensive products, they could be tapping into twenty or thirty dollars of your profits. Try to find one that has lower fees and not too expensive on their setup costs.

Get It In Writing: If promises made verbally are good enough, they are better written down in ink. Merchant account processing companies have a habit of billing you with fees that you didn’t even know you had to pay! When you have the fees written down in black and white, you know what to pay and thus, protect yourself from hidden fees that could spring a nasty surprise.

It isn’t a perfect site, however. Like other sites, you can only browse listings in very specific sub-categories. From the home page, you must first click on Movies and DVDs, then on standard DVDs, and then you must click on a genre like action or romance to finally see listings. Allowing browsing of all items under movies (which would include VHS) may be too broad, but it would be nice to see listings of all DVDs. What if a movie is listed under a wrong category? It’s a minor flaw, but it could affect sales.

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