Are You Prepared For These Common Job Interview Questions?

Recruiting the best employee is like having a winning sports program. First, you have to have something to recruit to. What has the company achieved? Why is the company going to be an industry “player” in the next few years? Why do you want this person; why are they going to make a difference? What is in it for the employee?

Be approachable. If you want to appear friendly and approachable on all sales calls, consider wearing a name tag. Now don’t be too quick to pooh-pooh this idea. Scott Ginsberg has been testing theories on first impressions for seven years. Nametags don’t hurt and they probably help in the first impressions department.

If a company wants the best people, then, it must pay people well; it must compensate employees. An employee should feel lucky that they have a spot on the team because of the above-average pay.

Practice your ability to be articulate as it would also help for a sales recruit consulting position. Sales recruit talent is not always latent in individuals embarking on a sales career. They have to be created and nurtured to the fullest. A sales recruit food service executive recruiters will always be the first to spot the talent in you and your ability to smooth talk your way out. Practice pronouncing each word carefully and clearly for a more lasting impact.

Full cycle recruiters (experts in third party referrals) decide where they will work, how much money they will make, and how much time they’ll devote to their business. They alone control their destiny. Control, flexibility, and a high income is attractive to many people today. Less than 20% of professionals who call themselves Recruiters actually know how to use third party referrals.

“Industrial sales” is a very broad field, and I am only looking at it from one angle. That said, there are some industrial companies that are known for hiring recent grads and developing them through their in-house training. Fastenal and Cintas are two companies that immediately stand out. They offer reputable training and exposure for new grads looking for a career in sales. Outside of the industrial segment, B2B companies like Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Xerox and Canon are where many industrial sales reps get their start before moving into the industry.

Sadly, the field is crowded with folks with either the wrong values, or an absence of leadership skills, or both. To count on these very same people to provide vital mentoring and coaching help is absurd. You could spend thousands before you discover your mistake.

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