Bottle Feeding: Is Baby Getting Too Much?

Your infant has just entered the world a few hours ago. He’s opening his eyes, rooting about, pushing his fists to his mouth, and seeking the comfort of the breast.

The first few hours after birth are a window of opportunity for Mom to bring Baby close to her skin and give her baby a chance to try nursing. It is within the first two hours after birth that an infant is most eager to suck.

When you are shopping down the baby isle at your local grocery store, baby food does not seem that expensive. But, what people do not realize is how little food and how much water is actually in the jar. You can buy apples to make homemade apple sauce. You can mash bananas, pears and peaches. Or just throw a bunch of fruit in a blender. Your baby will get more nutrients eating your homemade baby food than it will eating jar baby food. Home made food also cuts down on preservatives. So why not make your baby’s food? It is healthier and will save you money.

That’s Right…What else could be better than nature? God’s Creation? I’ve been How to stop breastfeeding without pain my baby for the past 3 months since birth except a little formula milk during her first month due to jaundice in newborn. She’s a fully breastfed baby now and growing more and more chubby. It really feels great as a mother to know that I’m giving her the best food with all the necessary nutrients, especially antibodies which cannot be found in formula milk.

It contains the nutrients needed to synthesize antioxidant. Cysteine and methionine, the amino acids found in whey protein, are the amino acids used to synthesize glutathione in your body. Glutathione is often called the super antioxidant due to its effectiveness to protect your body from free radicals.

Blankets – Even if your baby is due in middle of summer in Texas, you still need blankets! Not necessarily to fleece ones, but a few blankets. A pack or two of Receiving blankets will do a world of good. Most babies like to be swaddled and receiving blankets do a great job at keeping the baby swaddled snuggly but still not too warm. Also, if you are out on a sunny day, placing a light blanket over the baby will keep those harmful UV rays of the baby’s tender skin. On the cold days, the baby needs to be kept warm because it takes them a long time to be able to regulate their own body temperature when the temperature around them changes.

Breastfed babies are less likely to become obese since breast milk is easier to digest. It does not convert in fat more readily as other forms of artificial feeding do.

Although they understand that they are part of you again when nursing, babies do not comprehend that they might be hurting you. As you nurse older babies or teething babies, biting can then become a problem. Instead of letting your baby bite you because they don’t know any better, teach them better. Tell your baby ‘no’ gently and remove them from the breast. After you’ve composed yourself again, you can allow them back on. If the baby continues to bite, take a break from the baby so that they associate biting with losing nursing priveledges. Make sure you are helping with teething pain in other ways as well with either teething tablets, toys, or other soothing methods.

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