Chris Jericho Is The Mvp Of Wwe

TNA or Total Non Stop Action Wrestling as it is also known as has been around for 5 years and counting. They are just coming off Slammiversary and are currently on TV with Spike TV with their show called Impact. 3 Titles are involved and now just use their own belts instead of using the NWA Titles like they had done in the beginning. Some notable stars have gone over there with the biggest being Kurt Angle from the WWE in an effort to draw in WWE fans but it has not done the trick. They also have Sting who is perhaps the biggest active name that has never been involved with WWE to try to draw WCW fans but that hasn’t worked either. Even a team like Team 3D, who is known now as one of the top tag teams of this generation hasn’t worked to get them ratings or ECW fans.

No. The bigger star a wrestler becomes outside wrestling the better it is for our sport. I love the Rock. He’s pure money. In my opinion he is the biggest wrestler/movie star ever. Bigger than Hogan. Hogan is probably the best known wrestler ever, but Rock does it all. Great screen presence.

I know you’re hugely popular in Japan – is that your best audience? What’s the difference between say a Japanese audience and one here in the states or in Europe?

A. I use a long leather pant and my belt broke during the match, it was the first day of a local TV tapins. My pants kept sliding off and to top off the story my opponent was using me to climb up after I choke slammed him. He started pulling at my pants and there they go (laughs).

I’m trying to keep up with it. I have a wife and two daughters so I’m alone in the house in terms of wanting to Watch Wrestling online. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of it. I like to see when John [Cena] wrestles. I like when Triple H wrestles. I like when Randy Orton wrestles. I like to see the drama play out between those three guys.

Originally hailing from New Jersey, Stanco lives in Sunrise, Florida, but don’t think all that sunshine has softened up the big man. His northeastern attitude is still intact, as he carves out a name for himself in Division One Pro Wrestling. It’s a sport which some find bizarre, overly colorful, or too in your face. But that carnival atmosphere is perfect training ground for his future ambitions – Hollywood.

There are only a couple of guys left in WWE who were around from the days of the regional territories. I came up through those territories. Back then, you had to scratch, fight and claw your way into the business. Some of these contestants have paid their dues and just not gotten a break. Some are just green. Regardless, we’ve got some fun and cool competitions. This is going to be a true competition to make one of these kids earn a WWE contract.

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