Fake Fest And More In Atlantic City On Friday, July 8, 2011

Take a minute to let that question sink in. Parents, we better all step up and make sure that our kids don’t disregard the talent and influence of legendary American singers, musicians, and songwriters. Do you think your kids are ready for an introduction to the music that shook the world and continues to influence our American way of life?

Then on June 20th the Magnolia House Storytelling Festival at Bulloch Hall gets under way as one of the more family favorite summer festivals in Roswell. Again it’s free and is always fun for all ages.

The Imperial Palace is located in the center of the strip and often times has some of the cheapest room rates you can find in Las Vegas. On week nights, you can often get room rates as low as $21 per night which is quite a bit less than the other properties nearby. The Imperial Palace is within walking distance to many of the best attractions at most of the strip casinos, such as the fountains at the Bellagio and the Pirate show at Treasure Island. The hotel also features a full service spa and salon for guests to relax.

I’m not a fan of Rock ‘N’ Roll. Never have been. Never will be. Some bands specialise in playing 50’s/60’s covers. My gripe is that it’s always the same 50’s/60’s covers. It’s almost as if only 20 songs came out in that era.

Practice, practice and practice are important, knowing your bass guitar and what is required from the bass guitar goes a long way! They’re thousands of bands out there performing and playing and also there are professional bands and music work if you look for it! A key thing as a professional musician is to network. Get out there and tell people about your bass playing and what you do! Contact professional musicians and professional bands; tell them you are available to work. There are professional bands out there from the working bands, function bands, eighties tribute act and if your lucky professional original bands. If musicians don’t know who you are, they wont contact you! Network away! There may be a professional band looking for a bass player, or need a bass player to stand in or session for them!

Other impersonators don’t even wait for the hapless original artist to stop touring or die. Call 905-842-7625 and, if you’re nuts and lucky, you can book an ersatz Neil Diamond, Jennifer Lopez, Tina Turner, Ricky Martin or Madonna for your bar mitzvah or high school prom.

The Beatles’ music lives on, but the Beatles’ phenomenon is long gone. ‘1964-The Tribute’ will, no doubt, faithfully render the music, without the pesky interference of rioting teens. It will also certainly present a museum-quality snapshot of the ‘Fab Four’s’ first American invasion. As for the phenomenon that made the Beatles ‘bigger than Jesus Christ,’ (to paraphrase John), I’m afraid that will remain forever in the realm of memory.

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