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It has been an interesting time to live, and I am not saying that entirely in a good way. I believe that we can all wake up now and realize that the bottom can drop out on our world if we keep going in the same direction.

Pears are commonly picked green as then they are not as susceptible to bruising. Upon ripening, the skin color changes according to variety. Anjou and Bartlett pears turn yellow, the Bosc turns brown, and Comice pears have a green mottled skin. Once ripe, pears will keep fresh for a few days if stored in the ΕΠΙΣΚΕΥΗ ΨΥΓΕΙΩΝ.

Make sure to use cold water for most of your rinsing; when you wash your hands in warm water, it opens up the pores in your hands and traps in the onion smell.

The first thing I noticed was that even though Yankee Candle said the discs were good for 50 hours (20 plays), I was able to still smell the scent from the discs after as many as 30 plays. I suspect that people weren’t buying new discs from Febreze often enough, so Yankee Candle placed an “artificial shelf life” on the product labeling. The next observation I had was that the fragrance in the Scentstories discs was in the form of small gel pods, and as the gel dried up, the fragrance went away. I figured that if I kept the disc in a Ziploc bag between uses, it might prevent the fragrance gel from drying up as quickly. When I started my next Scentstories disc, I did just that.

For any of you out there who do the same thing, there are pre-bagged vegetable available that taste just as good as fresh. All you do is throw them in the microwave and they steam to a nice crunchy finish. Your family will not be able to tell the difference.

I have a cabinet full of tupperware, rubbermaid, and other permutations of leftover containers, but I find myself using freezer bags. So many people talk about washing out freezer bags, which is a serious pain. I’d much rather wash out plastic containers.

This winter when you are heating your home, put your thermostat on 68 degrees and leave it. Put extra clothes on if you are cold. Place extra blankets on your bed. When you have your temperature set at 68 degrees, it’s not cold. You won’t be able to see your breath. But, it’s not hot either. So, wear some sweat clothes around the house with socks on your feet. Sleep with an extra blanket and enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing that you have conserved as much energy as possible to heat your home.

Enjoy: Once the meat reaches the desired consistency you may immediately remove it from the dehydrator trays and enjoy! Store unused beef jerky in a sealed container such as a zip lock bag or a Tupperware. This is one snack that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating…Beef jerky is low in fat and high in protein.

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