How To Become An Entrepreneur – Eight Secrets To Living Your Entrepreneurial Dream

I have an incredible son… really. Aren’t all of our children simply miraculous? If you are a parent, I am sure that your children have given you gifts beyond measure. That’s what they do. Sam has taught me so many lessons, but today, one really stands out.

PROMOTE YOUR SERVICE BUSINESS ONLINE OR SELL YOUR OWN PRODUCT ONLINE. From massage parlors (the legit kind) to dentists to attorneys, there just isn’t a corner of the business world that couldn’t benefit from a good website. Have online coupons for your customers, both from your business and from affiliated businesses. Or do you create jewelry? Write children’s books? Design stained glass doors? The internet is made for you. Nowhere else can you reach such a wide audience, at such a low price. And it’s not just for “creative” folks. One of the most successful webmasters I know sells kits for people to set up their own concrete driveway contractor business. Honest.

Of course, most new businesses can’t depend solely on free advertising, so paying for an ad may have to happen. There are ways to find cheap methods of advertising out there, though. You can post a classified ad in your local newspaper for a very affordable price more often than not. Usually, a classified ad will cost you under $20 for a spot in the paper. You can post that your business is up and running. Of course, this won’t gain as much interest as the rest of the paper, but it will surely get you started on your way.

There is a popular idea among internet marketing folks that niche markets are where the real gold is online. Some shaqir hussyin are focused on many niche markets at once, creating small revenue streams that add up to bigger profits. For now, that seems to be a very smart move. I have a friend doing just this and he is making $1,500 per month on his 5 niche sites. Not bad extra income, he already has a full time computer tech job.

Identify how your approach to solving this problem is different from other approaches. This is your Unique Selling Perspective. This must be identified and stated several different ways so your reader will understand exactly how your product or service (message) is different than others and how it can help them to finally overcome their problem. Use the language of the person stuck in this problem. If you use generic terms for this problem, you’ll lose your reader in an instant. They’re looking for someone who understands the deep issues they’re going through.

Identify the benefits you received by finally resolving this problem. Don’t just list the obvious benefits, but go deep into your heart to find the underlying peace and perhaps a brighter outlook. Can you identify any additional benefits you received that you never thought of while going through the problem?

Build your monetization slowly. And don’t be afraid to fire companies that don’t work out. There are lots and lots of choices. Find your best matches.

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How To Become An Entrepreneur – Eight Secrets To Living Your Entrepreneurial Dream

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