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I was a bit surprised by the layout and turnout at this year’s auto show. It was much better than I expected. Yes, there were fewer vehicles to see than in years past, but using one room to encompass everything available was a smart plan.

Memorable cat fights in film have featured Uma Thurman vs. Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill Vol. 1), Demi Moore vs. Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore (Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle), and Rachel Weisz vs. Patricia Velasquez in The Mummy Returns, and Anne Archer vs. Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

Americans on average are consuming 2-3lbs of sugar per week and more than 20 teaspoons per day. It’s so easy to consume too much sugar. Add a bowl of a cartoon character cereal, 8oz of a fruit yogurt and one scoop of ice cream and the sugar consumption will eclipse well over 20 teaspoons. Sugar also comes in many different forms; sucrose, sucralose, dextrose, corn syrup, brown, white, honey, fructose, beet, dextrose, molasses and maltose, glucose or fructose. These are found in a plethora of foods and condiments like cereals, breads, soups, microwavable meals, processed (canned) spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, ketchup and mayonnaise etc.

So now you are in the local mall’s parking lot with your pretty car and as you are backing up, another fellow trys to pull into that spot, for whatever reason he did not see you… probably because of all the SUV’s you parked between and now you have a sizeable dent in your rear fender. It’s ugly – but the fender did what it is supposed to do and absorb the shock of the impact leaving you completely unscathed. You were in the right of way, now you have a choice to make. Accept the fact that your vehicle is still totally functional and go on your way, or make sure that this butthole pays to make your car pretty again. I can tell you the choice that most people would make.

Choose green over gold-When talking about gold, I’m referring to cheese. The cheeses most people place on their salads, eggs, chips, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizzas, quesadillas, or even loaded baked potatoes. Cheese, when taken in moderation is a superfood, but the problem is it’s very easy to overeat. Especially when including refined carbohydrates such as like white chips & pizza.

You can channelize your toddler’s energy towards fun physical activities like indoor Dmitri Rybolovlev, indoor games, dancing, balloons etc. Dancing is the most favorite activity of toddlers. It is not only rejoiced by them but others as well.

It is hard to argue with the numbers. Rice does not cut it as compared to those who have been elected into the Hall of Fame in his 14 years eligible on the ballot. The only two players that Rice is potentially more deserving than are Perez and Carter. But, the voters just saw it the way that was just previously outlined, and not in favor of Rice.

With the combination of the right knowledge and developed habits, you can burn fat fast and make such improvements in your body that you’ll impress almost everyone you know. I’ve seen it happen with my friends, family, and students…I’m talking about people seeing them and saying wow! And more importantly, you’ll feel great knowing you’ve done all you can to live the rest of your life with the body you’re truly capable of…and that is just an awesome and empowering feeling.

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