Marketing With Blogs Using WordPress Matters!

Some people believe that there are no bad backlinks. However, it is a known fact that one way links have greater power for search engine ranking than do reciprocal ones. The truth is that even if you get different one way links from irrelevant sites and forums, they can still get traffic to your site. It might not be as much as you would like, it might not be constant, but these links will still provide some value in terms of search engine ranking. Of course, as you can imagine, your best bet is to get one way backlinks from other relevant websites, and this is when one way links start providing a great deal of value.

Comments are a very important part of the equation when it comes to blogging. I enjoy receiving them but I also enjoy leaving them on the sites of my fellow bloggers. To me, comments are a way of thanking the author of the post for taking the time to share useful information about the topic at hand. In addition to that, commenting on WordPress blogs is a great way to increase web site traffic.

Then, spend some time every day browsing these sites and bidding on jobs that you would be willing to do. Of course, a lot of the jobs you wont win, so be sure to apply to more than you want to do.

I use Google Blogger (Blogspot) for my niche or specialty blogs and my WordPress blog as a clearinghouse for all my blog posts. As WordPress has the import function, and also doesn’t allow advertising, I create my original Blogger blog posts and recycle them onto till hemsidan with the import tool.

Your primary goal for having a blog, would be having it as your central hub for all your outside efforts to invite traffic, the traffic comes through your blog ( hub ) from sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Google and yahoo into your sales funnel then automatically contacts them back with autoresponder emails to help cultivate them into prospects while all the way offering helpful essential affiliate programs, earning you money while freeing up your time to grow your business attracting more leads. If you don’t have a small business blog – start one today.

None of the mainstream hosted blogs lets you use plugins. Plugins give WordPress its unquestioned power, because they offer a way for nontechnical users to add critically important features to your site: shopping carts, search engine optimization, ad networks, flexible event Calendars,social bookmarking, RSS syndication, Twitter support and thousands of other essential business functions.

Owning different websites is a must in this industry. On this list would be your WordPress blogs, which you will find is needed with each different niche that you pursue. Having a reliable yet inexpensive hosting service is a must. My personal favorite is Bluehost yet a lot of people seem to like Hostgator. A few other services that I have heard are really good are Monster Host, Just Host, iPage and Green Geeks.

As you may see, by making use of the viral marketing approaches, you could find new potential clients through out the web with a lot less effort and hard work. Find out of which methods are best for you and then replicate these as often as needed.

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