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I realized something. Hard work is not the answer. I worked hard building my first website. Created 50 page content website, did all the keyword optimization work that gurus told me, tried selling affiliate products but that site never made me money.

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Attracting this kind of folks is important for a lot of reasons. Sadly, not everybody knows why. So, if you’re still quite baffled on all the fuss about this thing, here’s a short list that can help you understand why you need to direct ecommerce traffic to your website.

Develop a theme, or ‘brand’ for your website and stick to it. You want website visitors to quickly feel comfortable and familiar with your site. Promote website loyalty and your regular visitors will help you with traffic generation through word of mouth. A contact us page, with some personalisation will help establish trust with site traffic.

Digg – This one is simple. Go to Digg and type in your subject. Start checking out the results, and see if you can leave a comment any of the posts you find.

In my opinion, the two most important things you need to vastly improve your chances of having a successful business, are honesty and ongoing support for your clients. Why are they are so important.

Start creating communities within yourself that you market like your blog, and a custom group. Make sure to get your own domain name (this will be in tomorrow’s blog) and use it and its sub-domains to create your own channel.

And the right time to decide to make your online business successful is not tomorrow but today. Decide right now and choose to make your business grow today. You must act not tomorrow, not a few days from now and not next year but today.

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