Real Estate Investing – Why I Like Home Inspections!

If you decide to sell your Tampa real estate home, you have to think of better ways in order to have a quick sell. It is really frustrating on your part having your home in the market for a long period of time without any offer at all. In order to avoid frustrations you have to do something to attract potential buyers.

The home inspection s disclosed some defects that neither my clients nor their parents were aware of. The language of the Inspection Dallas report made the property sound as if it were in imminent danger of falling down or catching fire. The buyers first asked my clients to make repairs, which was not part of the “as-is” agreement. My clients reminded the buyer that he had been warned about the “as-is” nature of the sale and that many of the defects had already been disclosed to him. The buyer suddenly did not want an “as-is” deal and asked to cancel the contract. Although my clients were not obligated to do so, they agreed to cancel the contract. I’m sure neither side was happy in that transaction. It took another month for my clients to find another buyer.

Are there proper smoke detectors in all the right places, and are they working. There should be one on every level of the house, by any bedrooms, in the kitchen and basement.

Your financial responsibility doesn’t end at the sale and the mortgage. You’re also going to want to insure your new home. Make sure, before you buy, that you find out how much it is going to cost you to insure your new property. This is a cost that you will want to have budgeted into your plans ahead of time.

Your asking price will reflect the true condition of the property, with an independent report & receipts to prove you have corrected deficiencies! Buyers like facts. Buyers want to know if a property a money pit or is it a going to be a safe, comfortable home for the family? About 70% of buyers will hire a home inspector to be sure the properly has no major defects. Buyers may counter-offer, sometimes again & again for items discovered by their home inspector. Be one step ahead. Be prepared.

Before you buy a house, you should check your local central appraisal district, to see what information they may have on the home that you are looking to buy. You may be able to find out information, such as, the last sale price of the home, when it was last sold and other information that just might help you, close a deal.

If you are selling your property “as-is,” be aware that buyers don’t really usually mean they will purchase “as-is” no matter what it says in the contract. Expect possible problems regarding the condition of the house. If you are a buyer and the property is being sold “as-is,” please realize that you are agreeing to do your own repairs in exchange for a lower-than-market value price.

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