Should You Own A Garment Steamer?

How many things sold on TV infomercials end up being sold again in someone’s garage sale? A lot! I just seems that many things don’t work as advertised… or as expected. But just the reverse could be said about a good, portable garment steamer. These things work better than you imagine and can perform several jobs with ease and simplicity.

Garment steamers come in two types. The first type of steamer is known as the compact or hand-held steamers and the second type of clothing steamer is known as the professional or residential steamer. Professional garment steamers present numerous advantages. First of all, they come with a long rod which enables you to hang your outfits when you want to steam it. Additionally, they have a more substantial water tank for extended steaming sessions. Lastly, they could offer more powerful steam through their bigger nozzles.

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Jiffy steamer for clothes s also can be used on household items such as drapes. A steamer for clothes can also be used in place of dry cleaning for some items. There are also some household uses for clothes steamer such as stripping wallpaper and steam cleaning tile or other hard surfaces.

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While steaming silk or cashmere, be careful not to touch the fabric with the steam head. Be sure to hold about 1-2 inches away to be sure not to incur any damages. Velvet or beaded garments should be steamed from the reverse side of garment. NEVER touch any of these delicate items directly with the steam head.

I have been using portable fabric steamers for awhile now and would be happy to share my experiences with you. After hearing about these nifty gadgets, I went out and bought one, well actually a couple. I have one for my house and one for the road. The one at the house is a bigger version. It is still mobile though, but it stands a lot taller than some of the portable ones. It has a pair of wheels and fits compactly in my closet when I am not using it.

Doing laundry does not have to be a tedious task. Add these products to your laundry room and you’ll soon see an improvement in the quality and ease of the laundering process.

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