Skyline Soars Into Movie Theaters (Photos, Video)

We just watched Rob Reiner’s Flipped and really loved it. My six year old daughter enjoys anything with kids in it, but this wasn’t just a kid’s movie. I have to admit that I have been gravitating towards movies with real actors in it lately for my daughter to watch, like Nanny McPhee Returns. I’m a little over-saturated with all the computer animation these days. And I certainly don’t want to waste time or money on some crappily-drawn fare like Alpha and Omega.

Tom Noonan gives a good, nuanced performance as Ulman, the guy who hires her. He’s an uncomfortable man who comes across as kind of creepy, but not to the point you couldn’t see him in everyday life. He confesses he lied to Sam, that there is in fact no baby in the house. He really needs someone to hold down the fort in case something happens to his elderly and reclusive mother-in-law. He was afraid that if he advertised the job as elderly care nobody would take it. Sam feels betrayed but agrees to do the job for quadruple the money.

The story chronicles Dorian Paskowitz, his wife and their nine kids, who lived like beach bums in a 24-foot (which is WAY too small for nine kids) RV. While Paskowitz was a Stanford-trained doctor, he shuns the idea of money and formal education, preferring to send his into the waves rather than the classroom.

Boyle doesn’t have an extremely impressive filmography as of yet but expect great things in the years to come. He’s now hit his stride and can work with anyone in Hollywood to make the films he wants to make. If he gets a good story in his hands, it’ll be an awards contender with his distinctive style.

Not too long ago Niche jatins487 FO510BC5DB296 started lists based on their rankings. One of these lists is the Worst Reviewed Movies In History list. Avast Customer Service Number counted down the 100 worst reviewed movies according to their rankings. I thought I would share with you some of the lowlights of this list.

Pandora- You got to have music on your new iPhone! Pandora is a free, smart radio application that allows you to choose a genre, artist or even individual song and then it creates a radio playlist with similar songs. It is a marvel and will continue to provide you with the perfect song selection for any mood or occasion!

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