The Origins Of Place Names In The Santa Rita Mtns.

Do you have a spouse or sweetheart on your Christmas list? If you do, chances are you’ll be filling a stocking for them. Stockings are not just for kids. Here you’ll find lots of ideas for filling up a stocking for your sweetheart, sibling, parent or friend.

Hobby Related Items. Personalized stocking stuffers are made easy when you consider your recipient’s hobbies. A scrapbooker would enjoy new pens, inkpads, stamps or stickers. Packets of vegetable or flower seeds for a gardener, sewing machine needles for a seamstress, and fishing flies for the outdoorsman are all good ideas. You can also buy items for your loved one’s collection, such as a shot glass, spoon or coin.

Some winter recreation requires gear. Most things you can rent, buy used or new equipment. If you have the space used is good to start and great deals can be found at discount stores too. I bought a sled for a couple of dollars that worked just fine.

Reading Materials. There’s a magazine subscription for everyone out there. Paperback books fit well into stockings. A crossword puzzles or a Sudoku book would also fit nicely. Top it off with a special bookmark and a reading light.

Travel Items. Basic toiletries in small containers make great stocking stuffers, whether for a purse or to carry on business trips. Mini tissue packs, lotions or hand sanitizers also fit into this category. You could even get a mini-travel game or a deck of cards to occupy those ubf hours spent in the airport.

Rob Lynch and Jason Mayer of Odyssey Events, promoters for the Dayton Boat Show during the past several years, have cancelled the regular boat show in February and picked up the early January date for a combined boat and outdoors show.

Inside the basket, there should usually be a lining. Some of them are lined with canvas, corduroy, or quilted cotton. Many come complete with picnic blankets so your friends can stretch out their picnic lunch on a shady park lawn or in a breezy meadow. There are several options for transporting wine in picnic baskets. Some of them have special wine holders that attach to the outside of the basket. Others have special compartments inside for bottles of wine. There are others that are simply roomy enough that you can put the bottle of wine in the bottom of the basket.

Whether you like to walk or run, hike or climb, kayak or canoe… I would suggest that you get outside as much as possible and breathe in the air while we can. Outdoor recreation is one of the things that makes life so enjoyable and fun. For me, nothing could ever replace it and I couldn’t imagine a world without it. We are very lucky to have the beauty and the clean air that we do… I for one plan on taking full advantage of it.

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