Top 10 Best Zombie Books Includes The Zombie Survival Guide

These days the media is full of possible scenarios for an apocalypse, ranging from a meteor hitting the earth, global warming triggering hurricanes and tsunamis, or a new ice age, but no matter what the cause, how well equipped are you to survive a global major disaster that ends the world as we know it?

DZE: You also write a lot about protecting yourself from well-meaning (but ultimately failing) government forces and even your neighbors. How much of a threat do these other humans pose in a zombie apocalypse?

FKO: It became an issue when I went to work for CERN in Europe. Without delving into specifics, what I experienced there led me to realize that this was something that needed to be addressed as soon as possible. The more people who know about it, the more likely it’ll be that people like you and me can keep a zombie uprising from becoming a full-fledged zombie apocalypse.

Both fairly stiff, thick wire and thinner, more flexible wire is always a good thing to have in your survival kit. The stiffer wire can be used to impale an object to be placed over the fire, such as a fish. The stiff wire can also be used for kabobs. The more flexible wire can be used to wrap and dangle less secure items over the fire, such as a piece of deer meat. Both types of wire can be utilized for other the lost ways book review other than cooking.

The hippies had little flashlights, including a clever type they wore on their heads, like coal miners. They struggled into packs and clanked with equipment, all amazingly swift and practiced. In a few moments they were assembled, standing around chuffing like horses before a ride.

Acquiring survival techniques would give one confidence to know that if they were placed in a situation, where their survival was threatened, they could put their skills to use and survive. In most cases the individual’s safety is not the only factor. Maybe their children are with them; maybe they are with a group of friends. With this knowledge they can meet the basic needs of the group and be the determining factor of whether the group survives or not. With survival skills they are an indispensable part of the group.

During the time that you are hunkered down, you will think of all the the things you need to do in order to survive and start remembering the things you read in the bathroom (unless you were reading girlie magazines – then you are pretty much screwed unless you landed at the Playboy Mansion). You will make the decision that you are going to live, no matter what. And that’s why you will survive.

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