Visual Illusions Of The Mind

My thought on the word control is a very serious subject to me. We live in a controlled world. People call it the land of the free, and we do have more freedom then most, but I believe it is a controlled freedom. We are controlled by a social security number. We have to report all our earning and pay taxes on all we earn. In order to buy on the credit we have to give our life’s history. In order to get a job we have to give our life history. Right before our very eyes we can see the beast coming. We are soon going to buy and sell by a number, and then take the mark of the beast to buy and sell.

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS, 10pm) – NEW! A famous fashion photographer who is in Hawaii to shoot a sports magazine’s annual swimsuit edition is murdered. Guest starring Rick Springfield.

With an academic education in musical theater, her NCIS episode featuring her as a lounge singer in Morocco is no surprise. de Pablo is also a songwriter and performs her own compositions.

With no any instruments, fingers and the stage, you want to have a grip on the minds of the men and women who are viewing or have stopped in to watch on their way property back from work or from searching. You master mentalism to be ready to study the minds of the folks to make them imagine the way you do and to distract their interest even though you execute the tricks with a sleight of hand. You have to learn about to misdirect the audience to be capable to do street magic efficiently. And how can you do that? By engaging in some good banter and conversation that you know would not veer their minds and eyes in the direction of your space of jugglery and tricks.

Amanda Righetti’s resume begins in 2001. Her current role as Grace Van Pelt on CBS’s The Palm strings magician has this 26 year old beauty in one of her first truley adult roles. Prior roles in shows such as The O.C. had her playing a less mature character.

“The X Factor” and “Bones” were a winning combination for Fox, as their 3.6 and 3.3 ratings helped the network win the night. In the case of the latter, this was its best season premiere since 2008.

Reality – The past several years has given us a reality TV overdose. Be that as it may the viewing public loves reality TV, therefore networks love it as well. If you are pitching some sort of reality show, then you already have a step up on the competition. The viewing public is willing to watch reality shows on just about anything.

The third episode of Warehouse 13 was the best to date, blending comedy and science fiction with ease. The characters of Myka and Lattimer are beginning to gel and a possible romantic relationship is surely on the horizon. Artie continues to provide comic relief and his side story is starting to take off. We’ll see if the show can continue to keep up the X-Files-esque mystery writing and rope in a few more viewers.

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