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Every woman in history has probably made at least one of these mistakes in an otherwise healthy relationship. These alone will not break a relationship, but often they come mangled together in a slew of romantic sewage. Do not make these mistakes. Please. Without further ado, let me explain the three lethal mistakes every woman makes in a relationship.

Since Aries Spears was 14 years old, he has been a force to be reckoned with in the comedy scene throughout America. His quick wit, charisma and ferociously aggressive style of comedy have earned him critical acclaim, high accolades, and above all, a busy schedule. From being a regular on Fox’s Mad TV, starring in feature films, appearing on a number of national talk shows, and continually touring the country with his stand-up, Aries’s talents are becoming recognized and appreciated throughout the entertainment industry.

The woman weighs her options and decides to enroll in their debt settlement program before fully checking them out. According to the debt settlement company, her creditors agreed to 50% of the price paid over a six month span. Everything looks above board so the cuddle buddy her payments starting with a lump sum at the beginning.

She may be less of a thinker, she may not be good at philosophy, so let a man be Plato and Socrates. No problem again. She is more of a feeler, she feels better, she loves better – and that is what the world today needs. That is the need of the hour. She can fulfill that need.

The simplest reason this happens is that men crave admiration! Unfortunately, as far as men are concerned when a relationship gets stale, they may seek out another woman. Call it manhood, ego or pride, they are some times searching for a newness and the interests that their Ex once showed. We must understand that men want to be admired in a big way and he’ll get his boost from someone else.

Sistas, your resentment is hurting you, not them. I can’t put it any plainer than that. Men who are with white women don’t care what you think. If they did care, they would no longer be with them. Black men are with them because they want to be. Black women make themselves look bad when they give the evil eye to a black man and white woman in a grocery store. Don’t you realize that you are confirming the ignorant belief that black women are hard, obnoxious, and mean spirited?

It’s not the attention that women need, it’s the feeling that you appreciate most of what they do. They want to be appreciated for little simple things such as, the way she leaves little love notes laying around for you, when she calls you at work because she just wants to hear your voice. We need to understand that the majority of women who cheat, do it with men who shower them with attention and praise for who and what they are and what they have to offer.

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