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Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu state. It is an important tourist destination as well as a business center of the south. There are many sight seeing attractions in and around Chennai such as temples, Marina Beach and Mahabalipuram. It is a commercial center as well and hence it sees many business travelers visiting the city. You will find many reasonably priced and budget hotels in Chennai. Though these Chennai hotels don’t provide luxury accommodation they are a decent staying option for people who don’t want to spend much on their accommodation.

Renters today don’t care about firsts. One vip car company is a lot like another. Good prices and good vehicles count. Alamo has those covered. An economy car from Alamo can cost less than $20 per rental day. Those are competitive rates. Alamo has some of the best relationships in the travel business, so renters can enjoy hotel stays and airline miles.

An unsolved mystery based on thought patterns and beliefs of the people involved. We may never know the real story. Judy did not have any friends in the town that she visited. And how could her husband be answering the cell that she supposedly lost at the scene of the accident?

If you’re booking online, read the terms and conditions carefully before confirming your reservation. If you’re booking over the phone, ask the agent about restrictions. Be sure you understand the conditions of your reservation. Is there a penalty for no-shows? How long will the car be held if you’re stuck in traffic on the way to the pickup station? Is there a fee for additional drivers and must their names be listed in the contract? Is your 20-year-old daughter old enough to drive the car? (For liability reasons, this is important).

Another example of this kind is a daring stunt campaigning against S class that use flashing blue lights to dodge traffic laws. The video shows a man, armed with only a bucket on his head, climbing on top of one such car that supposedly belongs to Russia’s Federal Security Guard Service.

Several companies around the airport offer parking that is generally cheaper then what the airport is charging, but in return you will have to ride a shuttle to get to and from the airport. The average rate runs around $8-10 a day, although many locations offer discounts for frequent parkers. Some of the parking providers include Park to Fly ($8/day), Park EZ Fly ($4.50/day plus tax), FastPark ($5.50/day plus tax), U-Save ($7.95/day) and the Parking Spot ($8.95/day). Rates quoted are accurate as of Sept. 2009.

Even if it messes with your plans, don’t push past your limits or skill level. Pull over to a rest area to wait out the storm or spend the night relaxing at the nearest lodging. Half the fun of a road trip is the unexpected. You might meet some awesome people or have a great night bonding with your buddies. Trust me, your plans can wait a night if necessary.

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