Party Planners, Choose Your Team Wisely – 3 Areas Of Concern

Unless you’ve been out of the galaxy for the last few months, you are probably aware that there has been talk of a closure of New United Motor Manufacturing Inc (NUMMI), the only union auto plant west of the Mississippi. Located in Fremont, NUMMI currently employs about 4,700 workers earning an average of $60,000 annually. Concern over the possible demise of this major employer has resulted in questions and speculation not just among the workers, but throughout the community. For this reason a current employee of the auto manufacturer has agreed to an open and blunt Q&A about the current status of the company. For the sake of confidentiality the employee will simply be referred to as Team Member (TM).

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TM: They’ll get rid of the union too, because the union has been fighting for the wrong people. If I get fired because of attendance or I’m always late and calling in, I should be fired. But they’re saying wait a minute, we got a contract here. The union is a big issue right now. It’s not our wages. It’s the union and all the suppliers.

How would you recognize them when they’re right in front of you? Can you write down ten definite, clearly identifiable characteristics? Are you able to rattle off the names of real people who are your target market? Do you know, in great detail, all the issues they are troubled by – that you can solve. If you can’t answer, “yes” to each of these questions, you must detail your target market more deeply.

But, if you really wanted to do within the hobby market, you’d need to narrow your focus until you could find a smaller portion of the market that wasn’t so competitive. Let’s say that you like RC model gyrocopters – a quick search on Google will return a little over 70 thousand web pages. That’s a whole lot better than 130 million! At least here, you’d have a chance.

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If a client, for example, gives you a week to complete a project, and contacts you two days before the deadline saying she needs it right away, don’t let your frustration show. Offer her what you’ve got and tell her you’ll send the rest later. She should be able to meet you halfway. The same is true of your family.

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